A Look At Some Canadian Computer Backup Options

If you have a computer, you need to make sure you also have a reliable backup system. Unfortunately, sometimes data gets destroyed. Being prepared with a reliable backup system will make you feel safer and you will be able to recover your files. Backing up your data does not have to be complicated or expensive. You can even get reliable backup methods that are free.

A simple and free solution that most people overlook is the backup utility built into windows. You will need to add a second drive to your computer or a network storage location, the prefered option would be an external USB hard drive. You are able to create file backups or a complete system image backup which is very handy if you hard drive happens to fail completely.

Sensible backup solutions come in different forms. One is to use professional external hard drives and another is to register for an online backup solution.

Measured in the terabytes, the external drives used today can store an amazing amount of information. A terabyte, or TB is a little less than 1000 GB. This is a good solution if you have a large amount of data to store, whether for personal or business reasons. Making hard drives that are portable, compact and lightweight, many companies are making it easier for you to carry them with you. Nothing is infallible, because natural disasters occur, such as a fire, which can even destroy an external hard drive, along with all the data stored on it. CrashPlan is a service that offers a few different backup solutions, both free and paid. The basic CrashPlan service is free, and allows you to back up your files once per day to an external hard drive or to another computer belonging to you or someone you know. If you are more interested in unlimited online storage for your personal backups, you can check out CrashPlan+, one of their more advanced options. If you have a small business, you might be interested in CrashPlan Pro. CrashPlan is a good choice for a number of backup solutions. It’s easy to use and has options that most people can afford. The idea of using an online backup service is great due to the availability of Canadian cloud backup solutions .

There is a site called Onedrive , which is Windows’ own online backup service. 100 MB of individual files are allowed by this free service, as well as storage for 25 GB of data. There is a lot of storage capacity for this free service, especially considering that any device or computer can be used to access it. One aspect of Onedrive that’s a possible drawback is that you are encouraged to use it like a social network. It’s integrated with Windows Live Profile, so friends on this network can share files they’ve uploaded to Onedrive. It is not necessary to share files, but if you become active on Live Profile, the files you want safeguarded might accidentally get shared with others. If you need to store your data in Canada there is an another online backup solution called eazyBackup . It is by far the cheapest online backup service in Canada.

There are many more. With free or inexpensive options available, there is no reason not to have some kind of backup solution in place to protect your files. The least you should do is a simple backup of any important or sensitive information you keep on your computer. After that, how more complex you want to go is up to you.