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Standing Desks and Accessories help students with Fidgeting

If there’s one thing kids are well-versed in, it’s not being able to sit still. No matter how badly their teachers want them to remain calm, kids are hard wired to be anything but. After all, their bodies and minds are still developing. Through play and movement they learn coordination and other vital survival skills. Unfortunately, this usually means a classroom full of bouncy children that seem to want nothing to do with the day’s lessons, but give them a way to move around, and suddenly test scores get better.

Please Be Standing

Standing desks seem to be a natural fit within classrooms that have long used things like exercise equipment and yoga to help students keep energy levels satiated, finding physical exercise to improve studies. Now with these desks widely available, students are being put in control of their own fidgety habits, resulting in classrooms that are far more focused. While there aren’t extra products yet to help with this, the standing desks themselves come with a few additions that can really increase just how fidget-friendly they are.

Height Adjust

Where most schools stick with a one-height-fits-all stream of thought, others are looking to give their students even more power with self-controlled height adjust. These desks are typically loaded with a spring mechanism that allows for even the weakest of students to change their own desk height when they feel like doing so. Though not the most popular choice, it nevertheless is enjoyed by those that get to use it.

Moving Footrest

Footrests are all but essential for standing desks, as they allow for the comfortable placement of feet and varying heights, however some desks are taking this to extreme levels, employing footrests that swing. Now, it should be noted that students are not encouraged to stand and swing on these as the weight distribution would put the desk off balance, possibly causing a fall. What it does promote is balancing one foot and swinging that or putting both feet on while sitting to utilize the swing. This addition has so far saved the lives of countless teachers’ ankles from fast kicking little feet.


Though put on some student standing desks to make room rearrangement easier for the teacher, the wheels add a whole other level of movement to each child’s standing desk. Instead of just up and down, it gives them the power to move on a horizontal plane as well. Though not really incorporated into the fidget fixing method yet, it nonetheless has clear potential for those teachers hoping to dispel even more student energy.

Currently, it seems that standing desks have done all they can to provide students a safe and confined way to exert their endless energy. That being said, it is still an extremely young market and will no doubt see further advancements in additions to desks that help focus study time through embracing everyone’s natural need to fidget.

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